Welcome Heavy Handers!

Welcome to Heavy Hand Massage, Where Deep Work Doesn't Hurt!

My name is Ty Parsons and I have been a licensed bodywork and massage therapist for 10 years. Over my journey, I have worked in both medical offices and spa settings, and have had the honor of working with various peoples of different lifestyles, ages, identities, and professions. But the one thing that effects all of us despite our differences is discomfort. We all have it to some degree and it is my hope that I can help you live without it.

I am a firm believer there are three causes of discomfort: physical injury, emotional trauma, and miscommunication between mind and body. We can have one of these or we can have the all. Together I will help guide you to figure out the culprit and determine a plan to get everything back on track.

While I can work on all clients regardless of their gender or lack thereof, Men's Health is our primary focuses here at Heavy Hand Massage. Feel free to ask how I can help you restore function to those areas that don't seem to respond like they did in your youth.