The Therapeutic

90 minutes: $125
120 minutes: $155

The specialty of our massage therapist, "The Therapeutic" is a massage session that incorporates medically-inspired techniques to assist clients in getting out of acute pain, help manage chronic discomfort, and restoring tissues to a healthier state. This is a more focused session targeting 1-3 areas (for a 90) or 3-4 (for a 120).

To better help our clients recover from their particular issue, we may perform IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) to help break up scar tissue and adhesions in the muscle layers, Myofascial Cupping to reduce pain sensation and pull blood to an area, and utilize hot towels to heat an area. 

The Sporty

90 minutes: $125
120 minutes: $155

Geared towards the athletic inclined, The Sporty is a session performed on a massage table that incorporates thorough stretching and various tools to break up muscle tension and promote an increase in mobility and flexibility. 

The Relaxing

90 minutes: $125
120 minutes: $155

For those simply looking to relax, our "Relaxing" session is just for you. It as a full body Swedish massage focusing primarily on soothing sore muscles and easing away mental stresses.

The Heated

90 minutes: $155
120 minutes: $185

Combined with any of our in-studio sessions, this hot stone massage session incorporates heated river stones to warm muscles, promote body relaxation, and allow for deeper massage strokes. This may only be done In-Studio.

The Mobile

If looking to do a session in the privacy of your home, hotel, or office; this session is specifically for you! We bring a table right do your doorstep. Depending on distance traveled, a destination charge may be added ranging from $20-40.

If performing a session on at least 2 people at that location, this destination charge is waived.